Toyo Seikan Reduce Parts Search and Creation by 80% with PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management

Bottle manufacturer drastically reduces the workload for its designers while building efficiency into the design process

Toyo Seikan Reduce Parts Search and Creation by 80% with PARTsolutions SPM

Toyo Seikan has been producing PET bottles, cans, plastic and metal packaging containers since 1917. Since 2008, they have been using PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software to support their engineering efforts.  The Japanese manufacturer employs the software as a part search tool and supplier parts library. Due to the use of numerous supplier parts in Toyo Seikan products, the ability to rapidly obtain accurate 3D CAD data was an important factor for their selection of PARTsolutions SPM. Other driving factors include their goal of reducing their man-hour design costs and the ability for the software to “easily to integrate in existing systems”.

Supplier parts search and creation is reduced by 80%

Thanks to PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software, designers at Toyo Seikan only need a few seconds to find components and to download them into their CAD system. The product data already contains manufacturers’ original attributes, to which Toyo Seikan can add its own information and metadata. Using PARTsolutions parts library, Toyo assigned values such as part numbers and inventory information. In the case of commonly used standard parts, Toyo Seikan can assign its own Toyo Seikan Reduce Parts Search and Creation by 80% with PARTsolutions SPMcatalog references and simplify the search effort greatly for their engineers, fostering part re-use and avoiding part re-creation on future designs and.

With the introduction of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions Toyo Seikan reduced time and costs drastically: “Compared to conventional approaches, the entire parts search and specification process has been reduced to one-fifth of the time, which greatly reduces the workload of designers”, confirmed Mr. Nagata, Assistant Manager of Toyo Seikan.

For further information about the use of PARTsolutions at Toyo Seikan, download the success story.

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