Strategic Parts Management

Engineer Smarter with PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management Software


It’s all about Engineering Smarter


Engineer Smarter with PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management Software Power your engineering with PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software to dramatically reduce costs while accelerating design cycles. Standardize your parts and streamline your engineering processes to save millions.





Find parts faster using advanced search tools – geometric, text, similarity, sketch search and more.



Save engineering and procurement costs by reusing existing parts rather than introducing new ones.



Make smarter business decisions by guiding the selection and purchase of preferred supplier parts.


Strategic parts management software gives you the power and flexibility to quickly find parts instead of wasting valuable engineering and design time.



Powerful Parts Search

Give Engineers the ability to search and find parts their way. Whether it’s Geometric Search, Topology Search, Sketch Search, Sketch Search, Full-text or Dimensional Search, Strategic Parts Management helps designers find parts like no other platform can. Learn more




CAD Parts Re-use

40% of an engineer’s time is spent searching for or sourcing parts for designs. A reusable parts library saves time by enabling engineers to find and deploy approved parts instead of searching. Learn more

Classification Initiatives

Flip the script on your classification initiative. It’s a walk in the park when you’re using the best tools in the industry. PARTsolutions gets it done quicker and more accurately and manual methods. Plus, with our active database links, your clean parts library will stay that way for years to come. Learn more


Standardization that Works

Get the control you need to standardize the parts and suppliers your engineering team specifies into designs. With PARTsolutions, if your team is at one site or spread around the world, our scalable solution has it covered. Learn more


Engineering Procurement Systems

With PARTsolutions your purchasing department has visibility and approval of parts before they are specified with a red, yellow and “green light” system. Learn more

Parts are the building blocks from which systems are created - Find out how your company can save time and money with Parts Management.