AIA NAS 3D Standard Models

Authorized 3D Digital Models of the National Aerospace Standards

AIA NAS Standards within PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management

Engineering teams looking to get the most from the AIA / NAS National Aerospace Standards utilize PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management (SPM). The powerful engineering application provides instant access to configure and deploy 3D standard models directly into their CAD design or PLM system.

PARTsolutions SPM is a behind-the-firewall application which enables engineers to search, configure and launch the catalog of AIA NAS 3D standard models directly from their desktop workstation. When the desired standard is found the native CAD model is then launched directly into their CAD platform.

Additionally, the platform can be populated with more than 600 catalogs of manufacturer certified components for engineers to source 2D/3D CAD data for designs. With the ability to search, find, reuse and control all of the parts in a manufacturing ecosystem, PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management is a must-have for forward looking engineering teams.

 Instant Desktop Access to AIA National Aerospace Standards (AIA/NAS)

  • No web access required to access standard and commercial components
  • Powerful re-use features for teams to source standard and commercial components
  • Built-in search functions help engineers to decide the right part to use by comparing geometry and meta-data
  • Platform works as a stand-alone system or in tandem with all PLM / ERP platforms
  • Connect to purchasing department to enable “preferred vendor” part selection features
  • Search Parts by: Geometry, Topology, Text, Sketch, Color and more
  • Supplier Portal with 600 catalogs of manufacturer certified parts for engineering use
  • Quickly determine if the part is in PLM already, if not configure and deploy for use while “checking in” to PLM
  • Multi CAD: Ability to deploy parts in 150+ native and neutral formats
Authorized 3D Digital Models of the National Aerospace Standards

Download Individual AIA NAS Standards with Online Access

AIA NAS industry standard catalog 3D CAD Fastener For teams looking for an online-access solution, engineers can download individual AIA models in over 150 formats including native formats for all major design applicationsFormats include: Dassault Systèmes CATIA®, Siemens NX®, PTC Creo®, SolidWorks®, Autodesk Inventor®, Siemens Solid Edge®, and many others.


  • Reduce Engineering Hours
  • Accelerate Design Time
  • Eliminate Rework
  • Quality Assurance with Certified Models
  • Greater Accuracy on BOM

  • 3D Standard Models models instead of paper or PDF
  • Ability to configure exact parts based on the SDO rules
  • Dynamic part number generation for configured items
  • Native parts available for every major CAD system

Get the Details: Millions of Authorized Digital Standards  for any CAD / PLM Emvironment