Intelligent Finding – Parts Catalog Search

PARTsolutions parts catalog search offers innovative search functions in additon or as alternative to a traditionally classified parts master.

The technology for intuitive parts catalog search strategies

PARTsolutions offers completely new opportunities to engineers and purchasers to find product information and CAD data of standard, supplier, commercial and company parts in a smart way.

Unlike traditional parts master classification, users don’t have to learn how to use a classification system nor adjust their search strategy to the system.

PARTsolutions parts catalog search functions are specifically tailored to the needs of engineers and purchasers and allow intelligent finding of necessary parts through simple, intuitive, user-friendly functionality.

All search methods are able to be easily combined.

Geometric Search

Beginning with a reference part or the rough sketch of a 3D model you can search the whole database for geometrically similar parts.

Search by Sketching

With a simple 2D sketch you can search the whole database for the corresponding part.

Full-text Search

After you type in the keyword, components with the same, similar or synonymous labels are listed.

Topology Search

Type in the properties and dimensions of the component you are looking for and receive search results of all existing classifications.