Geometrical Search – Geometric Search Tool

The Geosearch geometric search tool of the PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management system searches and compares parts according to the respective CAD geometries.

Find the needle in the haystack!

Beginning with a reference part (catalog part, self-constructed part, repeat part or company standard) or the rough sketch of a 3D CAD model you can, just like search engines, browse the whole database for CAD components.

The result is a ranking list of the most similar parts which are displayed visually.

Video: Search for duplicates with GEOsearch from CADENAS PARTsolutions


User examples

Comparison of Coverage
Self designed part Self designed part Increased reuse
Reduction of duplicates
Increased standadization
Self designed part Purchased part Increasing the use of standard components
Purchased part Purchased part Comparing suppliers and making their offerings transparent

Airbus Award for Excellence 2008

The project »GEOsearch geometric search tool« was awarded the Airbus Award for Excellence:

Airbus Award for excellence for GEOsearch 

Results Project A380:

  • Reusability rate of almost 40% with the geometric search tool.

  • Savings during the pilot phase were able to refinance the entire pilot.

  • Decision of customer, to implement the Geosearch geometric search tool from the Strategic Parts Management system as a short term solution.