Full-text Search – Parts Management Software

PARTsolutions parts management software full-text search features the ability to quickly browse the complete catalog and and locate the required parts. Engineers can quickly find the part they need and instantly download the CAD model.

Auto-correct and recommendations for search terms

PARTsolutions checks search terms for spelling errors and proposes similar terms. In doing so, the full-text search does not only identifies components, but also table contents.

Proposed corrections and alternative search terms

Moreover, PARTsolutions parts management software offers the possibility to get a proposal of terms which are similar to the search terms. They are automatically extracted from the search database.

Combining several search terms

If you, for instance, use the term “screw” during your search, PARTsolutions parts management software automatically offers related terms like “low screw head” or synonyms. When clicking on one of these terms it automatically becomes a combined search.


Combining several search terms