eCl@ss is an incorporated asscociation promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. eCl@ss is THE cross-industry product data standard for classification and clear description of products and services. eCl@ss has established itself as the only ISO/IEC compliant industry standard nationally and internationally.


CADENAS has been a member of the registered association eCl@ss since April 2008 and uses eCl@ss for classification projects.

During an introductory counselling for one day, promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, we answer the following questions:

  • How and when can you use eCl@ss in your company?

  • Which departments/sectors are affected by a changeover or should be integrated in such a project?

  • Are customer-/supplier relations already affected?

  • Which software decisions have to be made?

  • How can CADENAS, being an experienced eCl@ss/BMEcat IT service provider, support the implementation?

  • Practical examples for your orientation

  • Roadmap to approach the introduction of eCl@ss

CADENAS successfully classified single parts, assemblies, machine and plant systems in numerous industrial customer projects according to the eCl@ss standard. CADENAS´ software solution provides many important features, like the textual and geometric clustering.

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Besides that CADENAS has taken over further important functions within
the eCl@ss association. CADENAS manages the working group “Geometric Attributes” and it is considerably involved in the mechatronics classification process for CAD Systems of the electrical engineering industry.

Geometric Attributes with a Benefit

Adding geometric attributes to components only requires a little extra effort when creating a new CAD part. However, the engineer saves a tremendous amount of time for placement or exchange of this component within construction.

Time saving when designing CAD models with geometrical attributes

Working group mechatronics

CADENAS GmbH cooperates with eCl@ss in the field of mechatronics. The aim of this cooperation is to define a standard based on eCl@ss for the data transfer of CAE system attributes.