DESTACO use Virtual Reality to Design and Simulate Projects Before They Build

Industrial component manufacturer leverages virtual 3D models to accelerate design process

Virtual reality goggles and two handheld controllers can assist the design process tremendously, as part of DESTACO’s new Accelerate Digital Solutions System with its Vision Virtual Reality build tool.

When placing the goggles on, the customer is transformed to a virtual manufacturing world, where they can place their parts and build their models digitally, in a matter of minutes. The virtual models are built to exact measurements, with all the fittings pre-placed and ready to go.

DESTACO’s vision with this new virtual reality solution is to allow engineers to precisely build an end-effector based on customer supplied models. Resulting in less tooling changes, precise models and additional analysis and accuracy.

DESTACO use Virtual Reality to Design and Simulate Projects Before They Build

Once the part is built on the virtual reality platform the model is then placed in a robot assisted build and validation process through DESTACO. The end product is built by utilizing robot-assisted production cells, which is then validated with a laser to confirm the correct measurements and approved design.

Designing virtual systems like this can be streamlined when manufacturers use 3D CAD models from CADENAS PARTsolutions to populate the selection of components available within the virtual reality space.

3D CAD models from CADENAS PARTsolutions and Vision Virtual Reality, make the design process a breeze for engineers. These two tools used together will “accelerate your productivity,” giving the engineer new design inspiration.

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