Welker Engineered Products Digital Product Catalog

Video Demo: Welker Engineered Products Digital Product Catalog

Digital Product Catalog Powering Sales, Marketing and Customer Support at Industrial Manufacturers

Welker Engineered Products web-enabed its entire product line in 3D native CAD using PARTcatalog, PARTsolutions digital product catalog platform. The solution completely overhauled Welker’s website by adding a product configurator and e-commerce solution. As a result, Welker has increased lead generation, and sales.


The availability of high quality product data in 3D native CAD online empowers Welker’s customers – including automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural, oil & gas, marine and special machine companies – to search, access, download, configure and purchase 25,557,811 orderable products anytime. All of these products are available in more than 85 native and neutral CAD and graphics formats, resulting in millions of different files being available, on time and in the right format at the time of online ordering. Digital product orders have grown dramatically since implementing the new fully 
integrated PARTsolutions digital product catalog, increasing 1,410% on average in Q1 2011 versus Q1 2010.

Full Story: Welker Engineered Products Increases Sales with digital product catalog by CADENAS PARTsolutions

The new Welker digital product catalog uses PARTsolutions’ rules-based logic to quickly configure and download high quality product data in native CAD, simplifying the previous time-consuming and complex manual process of configuring automation components for locating, clamping, sliding, lifting, ejecting, transporting, stopping and rotating applications. Previously, customers had to go online to see a one-dimensional rendering of a product. They would then call or email Welker’s engineering team, who would have to mail each customer a flash drive with more detail and data. Welker’s new website provides a customer experience superior in every way to “copy/paste” websites provided by template-based website solutions.