Sheffer Corporation Interactive Product Configurator

Sheffer enables uses to instantly design cylinders on the fly with thousands of possible configurations.

Sheffer Corporation, an early adopter of interactive product configurator technology, has been utilizing the CADENAS PARTsolutions configurable product catalog system since 2010. Beginning with a core set of key products, Sheffer has continually grown their online offering to meet the demands of engineers and designers.

Sheffer Cylinder makes specifying cylinders a snap with their interactive product configurator. The configurator is designed to help customers select the ideal cylinder or actuator for their application, quickly and easily. The interactive product configurator places thousands of configurations at the user’s fingertips. Models are created instantly, by simply entering the specifications and performance parameters for the particular project, then simply viewing and downloading the part in the specific CAD format.

Randy Logsdon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and COO at Sheffer Corporation. “Our goal is to steadily add to the interactive product configurator in order to meet customer demand. We know CAD availability is key for our sales pipeline. If the products can’t be downloaded, engineers will not as easily spec into their designs and they will not carry through to the BOM [bill of materials].”

“Sheffer Corporation is a great example for the power of interactive product configurator, as a part of an industrial manufacturer’s marketing mix,” says Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. “They have worked with the system long enough to see that the CAD downloads drive leads and sales for the parts which are currently in the system. To help increase downloads and sales, they are now providing a greater breadth of products. With this addition, Sheffer will have another satisfied group of customer’s who will return again and again to access the parts they need.”