Nippon Pulse Motor 3D Product Configurator

3D Product Configurator Powering Sales and Marketing for industrial Manufacturers

See the Nippon Pulse Motor 3D product configurator and learn how CADENAS PARTsolutions has been helping industrial parts suppliers drive marketing & sales leads with online 3D CAD catalogs.

Nippon Pulse motor (NPM) uses the latest 3D product configurator technology to drive their business to new heights. NPM marketing, sales and service have been inundated with positive feedback from their customers, regarding their digital product catalog and 3D product configurator by CADENAS PARTsolutions.

NPM is leading their industry with the finest 3D product configurator available, utilizing CADENAS PARTsolutions as the exclusive content provider. As part of the project, NPM has introduced 3D CAD models for its rotary stepper and linear servo motors, offering models for over 30 of product families in more than 150 formats. This simple tool has been a key driver in their efforts to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

See the full story: Nippon Pulse Motor Achieves 900% Increase in Downloads with 3D product configurator by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Now, with their “self-service” 3D product configurator, customers can quickly build the exact product they need, any time of day or night. Additionally, the digital product catalog generates the corresponding part number to accompany the product, simplifying the ordering process. Since 2011, downloads of NPM product models have increased more than 900% due to the availability of high quality 3D downloads on the NPM site.