Colder Products 3D CAD Models

Configurable 3D CAD Models Power Colder Products Business

Check out the video demonstrating the power of Colder Products Online CAD Catalog, providing users with configurable product previews 3D CAD models. 

3D CAD Models: More than Engineering and Design, they are a Strategic Business Driver

Configurable 3D CAD Models Power Colder Products Business

Since integrating the CADENAS PARTsolutions configurator with 3D CAD models directly into its website, Colder has seen a 40 percent increase in CAD transactions and new leads. 

Configurable 3D CAD Models Power Colder Products Business

The 3D CAD models can be downloaded for free and provide customers the opportunity to test the part in their design,. Once satisfied with the digital fitment, they can easily purchase it via Colder’s online store. Eliminating the time-intensive process of creating, migrating and translating 3D catalog content has saved the company substantial resources, while simplifying the specifying and design process for its customers in the life sciences, industrial and chemical handling markets.

The interactive product configuration gives your customers the opportunity to assemble products individually and flawlessly without requiring CAD software or profound knowledge about the product

3D CAD Models: Select and assemble products as easy as pie

Components can be combined with each other on an interface and the corresponding 3D CAD geometry of the assembly can be created.